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To help protect and give members a voice in today's Telecom industry.

CWA 1150 News

Surplus/VTP announcement

AT&T has again announced another Surplus/VTP today.
There is a total of 4 members from our Local affected, Senior Records Clerks from the Middletown office.
Elsewhere: The White Plains office is closing. 38 Comm Techs, 1 Reports Clerk, 2 CSDG Assemblers, and 1 Customer service support agent.
2 Senior Records Clerks from Bedminster and 1 in Piscataway. 1 Customer Support Associate in Honalulu, and 12 Comm Techs in Annapolis ( this location is also closing).
If you have any questions please contact the president at unity1150@aol.com

General Membership Meeting

There will be a General membership meeting on September 18 at 5:00pm at the Piscataway office.
30 Knightsbridge Road, Conf room 12
please send any questions to the president at unity1150@aol.com

Verizon Picket Lines


There is a possibility that our CWA brothers and sisters at Verizon could possibly go on strike tonight. If you see them walking while they are on strike, DO NOT CROSS THEIR PICKET LINES!! You could see them picketing at malls, or at Verizon wireless stores and other work locations. 

This is extremely important for those who work at CoLocations and Cable Stations as you see them daily.


New Wages

As provided in the2015 CWACollective Bargaining Agreement, you will receive a retroactive general increase based onthenew wage rates effective April 12.  Your new wages and retroactive general increase will be included in the followingpaycheck:



Pay Area

Pay Period

Pay Day

Pay check Includes


7/5/15 – 7/18/15


New wages  & retroactive pay to 4/12/15



CWA International News

Alarm Techs Join CWA Local 3879.

TU activists at T-Mobile's call center in Wichita, Kan., are standing with their German brothers and sisters at Deutsche Telekom.

President Obama believes we must empower more workers with a voice on the job.

CWA-represented Verizon Wireless workers just won a significant victory at their store in Everett, MA.

Bargaining Updates for Verizon and AT&T Southeast.

CWA members from the Atlanta area, the Atlanta #StopTPP Coalition and many environmental, faith, senior citizen and LGBT activists protested today at the trade ministerial meeting in Atlanta, GA.

Envoy Airport Agents representing over 5,300 employees of Envoy – known until recently as American Eagle – came to the nation's capital yesterday to ask members of Congress to contact the National Mediation Board on their behalf to let them vote to join CWA.

CWA has reached a tentative first contract with American Airlines covering 15,000 passenger service agents.

BREAKING! Passenger Service Agents Reach Tentative First Contract at American Airlines; Envoy Airport Agents on Capitol Hill Urge Congress to Help Them Get Union Vote; CWA Joins Allies at TPP Ministerial Meeting in Atlanta; Bargaining Update; and more.

On Friday, September 25, Pope Francis will transform Madison Square Garden into a house of worship. And at the center of the celebration will be a papal chair built in CWA Local 1103's garage.