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To help protect and give members a voice in today's Telecom industry.

CWA 1150 News

Contract Bargaining starts next week

Next week the CWA bargaining team will start to work on a new contract with AT&T. The current contract expires on April 11th at midnight. please find the attached flyer and feel free to print it at home and post  it in your cubicles or approved union boards.


you can also keep up to date with what is happening in bargaining by going to http://www.cwaatatt.com


the local will be posting updates to the website and newsletter as much as possible. We are asking members to download our mobile app for our apple or android devices.  in the app store look for CWA 1150. we will be communicating through this app to our registered members for mobilization activities and up to date jobsite actions. when you download the app please register yourself at the bottom.  if you do not register you will not recieve these instant updates that will be for local members only.

Let's stand together

In just about 2 months the Legacy T contract expires with AT&T. We need to stand together and show the company we won't settle for there layoff plans and increase of medical costs to us, and cutbacks on medical benefits. A lot of our members are approaching retirement years, we need to fight for retiree benefits, not just for us but for our sisters and brothers before us that helped get us where we are now. The last contract the company refused to negotiate retiree benefits. WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!  It's not to early to start showing them we mean business. We can start mobilizing with something as small as everyone wearing a red shirt on Thursdays.  This is a fight for your future and possibly your families as well. Let's stand together and show them we mean business. 


Also we will be utilizing the new local app for mobilizing efforts and updates on contract negotiations. so go to the itunes app store and Androis store and find the CWA 1150 app. download it for free and at the bottom register yourself. We will be sending private messages to registered members about negotiations and efforts.

Election Results

Dear Members,
On behalf of CWA local 1150 election committee, please accept our congratulations on the election to Vice President William Naveira and Area Director Jay Laughlin.

 Office                                  Candidate’s Name                                Vote

Vice President                              Brett, Nancy                                          40

Vice President                              Naveira, William                                   62

Area Director                                Iorio-Vitulli, Ida                                    09

Area Director                                Kovacs, William                                    34

Area Director                                Laughlin, Jay                                         59

Again, thank you for your time and dedication in submitting your ballots.
Fidel Nelson
CWA 1150
Election Committee Chairperson


CWA International News

Thousands of CWAers and union activists rallied at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, as the state legislature and Gov. Scott Walker (R) stepped up their assault on workers' rights.

Organizing victories at AT&T Mobility and Cricket.

FairPoint workers in New England and Cablevision ratify contracts, AT&T Mobility Puerto Rico in tough bargaining for a new contract.

Judge Orders Christie to Pay Up in Pension Lawsuit; Is It Really China or Us?; Congressional Recess = Meetings on Fast Track; Reich Rallies Troops at AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting; AFL-CIO: Today's Trade Policies are Undermining Working People; AFA-CWA's Nelson Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council; Bargaining Update; and more.

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA International President Sara Nelson was elected Monday to the AFL-CIO Executive Council.

The AFL-CIO called for a new direction for U.S. "trade promotion authority," also known as "Fast Track," one that ensures that Congress approves trading partners before negotiations begin, includes objectives that benefit all, not just multinational corporations, and gives Congress the ability to strip out provisions that fail to meet these objectives.

Former Labor Sec. Robert Reich fired up a big crowd attending a rally in Atlanta on Tuesday, held in conjunction with the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting.

CWA activists and allies met with their members of Congress and staffs, and organized town hall meetings to push back against legislators who won't commit to stopping 'Fast Track' authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Read CWA President Larry Cohen response to U.S Trade Representative's claim that if we don't negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with countries, like Vietnam and Malaysia, China will set the rules.

A state judge ruled Monday that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie broke the law when he cut $1.57 billion from a promised payment to public workers' pension system. Now the administration must work with state lawmakers to fulfill its original commitment.