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To help protect and give members a voice in today's Telecom industry.

CWA 1150 News

CWA Political Endorsements

The CWA has cosen to endorse the following candidates in NJ for this years elections.

US Senate: Cory Booker
cd-1: Don Norcross
cd-2: Frank Lobiondo
cd-3: Aimee Belgard
cd-4: no one
cd-5: Roy Cho
cd-6: Frank Pallone
cd-7: Janice Kovatch
cd-8: I don't think we've made a formal endorsement.  Sort of up to you.
cd-9: bill Pascrell
cd-10: Donald Payne
cd-11: no one
cd-12: Bonnie Watson Coleman
Burlington Freeholder: Tom Pullion and Mike Schmidt
Bergen Executive: Jim Tedesco
West Orange Mayor: Robert Parisi
Yes on paid sich days ordinances in Trenton and Montclair
CWA members running for local office in Hasbrouke Heights, Aberdeen, Edgewater Park and Frenchtown

2014 Executive Board of Directors upcoming Elections and Elected board members

Dear CWA local 1150 members
Re: 2014 Executive Board of Directors upcoming Elections and Elected board members.
We received two nominating Petitions, Nancy Brett & William Naveira, for the office of Vice-President which has resulted in a run-off election.
We received three nominating Petitions, Gerald Laughlin, William Kovacs & Ida Iorio Vitulli, for the office of Area Director which has resulted in a run-off election


2015 Bargaining Survey

Please print a copy of the bargaining survey and fill it out. You can add what you would like to see changed on your next contract at the end. once completed email it to the local at unity1150@aol.com or fax it to the local. 

Nomination Deadline

16 October 2014
Dear Members,
Calls for Nominations and Elections deadline is Monday 20 October 2014 for the offices of  President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasury, Area director, New Jersey Chief Steward, Middletown Steward, and New York Chief Steward. 


CWA International News

Bargaining Update; Political Action Updates; CWA Saves Member's NJ Home From Foreclosure; President Cohen Recognized Among The Hill's 2014 Top Grassroots Lobbyists; Texas Voting Rights; What's at Stake in the Elections; More Republicans Oppose Federal Minimum Wage; CWA Prepares to Fight Ebola; Organizing Update; WTO Says It's Unfair for American Consumers to Know Where Their Meats Come From; and more.

Employees at the Sheboygan Press voted 10 to 7 in favor of retaining union representation by the Sheboygan Newspaper Guild, Local 34179, in an NLRB-run election on Tuesday.

CWA is observing International Call Center Month with collective actions focused on derailing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a dangerous trade deal that threatens good union call center jobs.

Access to affordable cancer treatments in the U.S and 11 other countries will be delayed for years if terms revealed in a leaked draft Intellectual Property Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) should go into effect, Public Citizen said.

The WTO ruled against the U.S. on the Country of Origin Labeling issue, which requires that meat sold in grocery stores carry labels indicating country or countries where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered.

Election victories for IUE-CWA in California and Arizona.

CWA and the Steelworkers' safety and health departments will be training workers on Ebola and its potential transmission, thanks to a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

This midterm election cycle, GOP candidates are coming out against a federal floor on wages.

CWA President Larry Cohen spoke to media personality Ed Schultz for his podcast on Wednesday about midterm elections.

Republican efforts to hold down voter turnout have continued unabated.