Pictures of mobilization activities that the local ran or took part in over the years. Various Pictures from around the Local also.
Bill Naviera
Vinny Whitley
Bob Swanson
Vinny & Laura
Vegas Strike
Past President Laura Unger
The message never changes!
Working together
getting the picket signs ready
Scabs Leave Scars
Phoney Savings - Real Suffering!!!
Tyree, Bob, Laura
Tyree & Bob
our brothers & sisters in Unity! Thank you for your support over the years!
Laura leading the way 32 A of A
AT&T Long lines Ship. OUr union Brothers worked 6 month tours on here laying the first transcontinental cables.
Tyree, Past president and VP, devoted brother
Cornell University Leadership School
members preparing outside 32 A of A
Local 1058 another longtime brother to us, march to AT&T CEO's House.
Laura & Tyree
picture taken in Haiti.
local 1150 officers in a news interview.
Al Graham
picture from 20 years ago, when operators were laid off.
Local 1150 bringing the fight to Washington