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Verizon's plan will close six call center locations across the country, which will result in elimination of approximately 3,000 customer service jobs.

The latest bargaining information about Frontier Communications, AT&T Midwest (District 4), and AT&T (Legacy T).

A new report from CWA and the Committee for Better Banks shows that those same banks have been aggressively laying off American workers and offshoring jobs.

The latest election news from Texas and New York.

In a big victory for New York consumers, CWA reached a settlement with Verizon that will require the company to complete much needed repairs throughout the state.

CWA members participated in a CWA "Fight Forward" training to learn how to build power through local activism and mobilization.

CWA members rallied on the Jackson, Miss., Capitol steps last week to demand a livable wage for municipal workers.

Ethelyne Dianna Brooks, EVP of CWA Local 6016, writes about how her daughter-in-law inspired her to work with her union to bring in a mobile clinic to screen members at her call center for breast cancer.

Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) issued a letter yesterday calling on General Dynamics to ensure that the company is not illegally underpaying its federally contracted call center employees and is not violating its employees’ freedom to join together to negotiate better pay and working conditions.

The banking industry is among the biggest beneficiaries from the Republican tax bill passed in December 2017. Yet many U.S. banks have been aggressively offshoring U.S. jobs, especially in the call center and customer service industry, to low-wage countries. Despite these offshoring practices, and their financial windfall from the tax bill, there is no movement from the big banks to return jobs from overseas. In fact, leading analysts believe that the tax bill will encourage the additional offshoring of American jobs.