Bargaining Report #7

The company clearly has no respect for it's employees.

Bargaining Report

Bargaining with AT&T has started this past Wednesday and on day 1 the company has let it be known that they want us to pay more

10/9 HRA Update


I had accessed my Health Reimbursement Account - Active (HRA) and it list as follows: Contribution Date 10/1/12, Processed Date 10/8/12, Amount $1323.00. It seems that the company has met their contractual agreement with CWA at Legacy T. It further states:


  1. Your benefit plan period lasts between 01/01/2012 and 12/31/2012.
  2. You can submit claims for expenses with dates of service between 01/01/2012 and 12/31/2012.
  3. In order to receive payment, your prior year claims must be postmarked by 3/31 of the current year.



Local 1150 is suggesting that all our members check their accounts to verify that they have received their contractual allocation. If you have not received it, please contact your supervisor by email with the following:




Summary of Tentative Contract Agreement


What follows is an initial summary of the changes bargained in the Tentative Agreement. A more detailed report will be provided to the Presidents at the Contract Explanation Meeting on Friday, July 27, for distribution to members in preparation for the ratification vote.

Contract has expired!!

update from the bargaining team as of 12:10am. 


We are NOT on strike. We are working withoout a contract. The sides are very far apart but continue to bargain. 

Mobilization is more important than ever right now!

30 days until Legacy T contract expires!!

Will AT&T work with us to protect

good middle-class jobs—or will it

follow competitors down the low

road, with layoffs, cost shifting,

and outsourcing?


Please print the flyer and post it in your work locations..


2012 bargaining day 1


The officers and stewards of the local would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in our mobilization efforts today, It was the first step among many more job actions we will take until we do get a fair contract. please read the below update from our bargaining team.


Piscataway Management already getting upset!!

A big round of applause to our local's Customer Switch & Maintenance Technicians in Piscataway NJ!!!!

Today our brothers and sisters have started hanging up our Impeach Stephenson flyers outside their cubicles and the company managers told them to remove the signs and said that they could take action against them.

This is fantastic, ok so the flyers comedown, no worries there is plenty more we can do together. Over the years our local has been known to fight for what we believe in and we will continue to do so!!



2012 Bargaining Survey

The 2012 Bargaing Survey has been posted to our site for 2 weeks now. Please print and fill it out and mail back to the local or turn it into your shop steward or officer of the local. click on this story to see the document.

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