Bargaining report #19

This is the report you do not want to skip. i could go on about how disgusting this one is and all the benefits they rejected and want to eliminate. Like JOG and termination pay. You guys want to understand why we need to mobilize and let the company know we aren't going to sit back and just watch them get rid of us like we are sitting ducks, THIS IS WHY!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE WEARING RED TOMORROW!! Don't just tap a pen or click, BANG ON THE DESK AND LET THEM KNOW THIS IS BULLSHIT!! end of rant. i'd say enjoy reading this report but you won't. so enjoy your day!!

March 28, 2018

Today the Bargaining Team met with the Company.

The Company passed proposals to carry forward with no changes:

Telecommuting Recall Forward CVS – Caremark
Leverage Title Service Anniversary
Work & Family Programs
Union Management Relationships - Union Representation (page 321)
(W) Special Leave Program
(BB) Term Employees
(KK) Drug Testing
(LL) Retirement – Related Benefit Eligibility
(b) Agency Temporaries
(d) Compensatory Time (List A & List B)
(i) Evening Meal Allowance and Expenses (List A & List B)
(j) Extended Vacations (List A & List B)
(u) Scheduling (List A & List B)
The Company also passed proposal to clean up language in ATS
The Company rejected the Union proposals on the following:
Appendix 2 – Increase Special City Allowance
Appendix 2 – Include Greenwood Village in Special City Allowance
Employment Security – CWA
Alliance Funding
USVI – Certification Payment Program Duration of Contract Article 43.15 adding certification pay for Operations Specialist
The Company passed proposals to eliminate:
Staffing System Enhancements (ATS)
Electronic Monitoring Trial MOA – Single, One-Time Pension contribution Eligible Employees
Building Construction
(S) Pension Asset Transfer (Formerly N)
(V) Special Social Security Supplement (Formerly M)
(dd) Article 39 Termination Pay
(kk) Hawaii Information Transfer (HITS) (1) HITS Employee Holidays
(kk) (HITS) (2) Service Attendant – HITS Work Scheduling
The most revolting of their proposals was to wipe out all the language and eliminate the process on:
Job Security (JOG)
(vv) The Barnes Agreement (pg 361)
The Bargaining Team passed proposals on the following:
Article 19 Pension
Article 23 – Holidays add Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday to observed holidays
Job Security (JOG)
Article 43 – Network 1 Titles add DTV titles
Article 36 – Support add DTV titles
The Union TA’d Article 22 – Vacations
The Union rejected the following company proposals:
Article 23 – Holidays
Job Security (JOG)
Remember, the Company’s net profit in 2017 was $29.3 billion. That equates to $80,273,972 a day, including holidays (that’s like you winning the Powerball every day of the year).